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Producer Sean Newhouse teams up with with Royal Interactive Studios, Guy Logan and Soho House to put this little Vid together for upcoming Satellite Nights with Deluxe, Classixx, and more

Sean Newhouse teams up with with McCann’s J3 division and Max Gutierrez / Maxico Media to Produce this spot for Accuvue “1 Day” Contact lens’s with Demi Lovato

Duneagi hooks up with Kyle Galtes on a remote island somewhere between Mexico and Indonesia to kick off the summer; proper-like. We’ve been living the dream vicariously...

Sean Newhouse and Clayton Stassart have been rolling deep with team Fluffy and Comedy Central this last year. We are more than proud to have worked with Levity Entertainment on the intro for Gabriel’s one hour special “Aloha Fluffy”

The Malibu Inn has always been one of our favorite stomps, good, friends, music and frothy beverages. Terraplane Sun killed it the other night. As always, Diamond Lane Entertainment bringing it home. Sean Newhouse, and Clayton Stassart / Editbox Studios Shooting and sliced it up.

We hooked up with Emily Oman and Editbox Studios to put together a little Kickstarter video to help fund her new EP .... check her out on facebook and twitter... an of course don’t forget to download her EP on iTunes.

We had an idea the other day for this web series - Soundcheck LA. Premise to cover local and visiting artists with an organic approach, bringing you a front row seat. 

Episode 1 - featuring Emily Oman and her beautiful voice singing “Halfway There”

Hope you enjoy...please stay tuned with more to come.

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Robert deVico and Newhouse Pictures team up with AEG digital media and Blake Morrison for a little set design, build and art direction for Adam Sandler and Andy Samgerg’s facebook chat for their new film. Become a fan of That's My Boy at - in theaters June 15th.

Live to Rise (From Marvel's THE AVENGERS) - Official Video

Robert deVico and Newhouse Picutres team up with Hello and Company

Holy F*@!k can you say Soundgarden ? That’s right unless you were still wetting your diaper, you should know what time it is. Had to embed this straight off Vevo to avoid pissing anyone off so please forgive the 1 minute commercial they shove down your throat on the front end of this. Needless to say all the great stuff we shot ended up replaced with footage from the film. What can you expect when music videos get dished out like McDonalds happy meals filled with turd burgers and leaded toys from China ? We had a ton o fun with this...Love you Blake ! Thanks for the work !!!

Robert deVico and Newhouse Pictures team up with Fox Sports Nascars 2010 Campaign with a little Set design, build and art direction.

Can you say Vrrrrroooooooom ?  Well guess what, you better start practicing, we’ve just tidied up this campaign which will last all year...

Sean Newhouse teams up with Marie Soto, Aurora, and the Woo Agency for LA Fitness

That’s right folks, its that time of year again. You know, time to get off your ass and see what the winter sitting around, drinking beer and eating potato chips has done to your lean figure. Get your razor out, trim your bikini line, put on your cleanest dirty pair and get on down to your nearest LA fitness to trim up that junk in the trunk and beer in the belly.

Newhouse Pictures teams up with Marie Soto, Sway Studio, and Steelhead Agency

Looks like LG wants to bring the experience to your living room...thats right, LG TV’s “life in 3D” ... this spot was created for in store displays...perhaps you found yourself bent over on your last trip to Best Buy peeping through the specs salivating, about how tasty Monday night football would be with copious amounts of barley pop, and men in tights flying at your face full monty. Of course we bring it to you here in anaglyph. So git yer red and blue specs out, pop that barley and appreciate what you don’t have.



The flood gates have been opened on 2012 Lowers clips. First off, an epic piece featuring Dane Reynolds, Kai Barger and Gabe Medina.

Videographer: Dune Newhouse
Location: Lower Trestles. San Clemente, California
Surfers: Ian Crane, Dane Reynolds, Kai Barger, Gabriel Medina

It’s Lowers at a slower tempo than you’re use to — so take in all the idiosyncrasies

Dune calls it “Shades of Grey”

Alex Ferrari: Comedy Central, Gabriel Iglesias and Ozomatli =  oh My !!

This little beaut, was quite interesting to put together... Rain or shine; I bet you woulda never thought that we sprouted this gem right outta the Jurassic hilltop of sunny Signal Hill...Oh yeah and a big thank you to the city of Long Beach...we’ll be back !!

Director Alex Ferrari teams up with Gabriel Iglesias and Ozomatli for upcoming show “Standup Revolution” for Comedy Central

Client: Comedy Central

Artist: Ozomatli / Gabriel Iglesias

Song: "Hey It's Fluffy!"

DP: Edward Button

Production Designer: Robert deVico

Producer: Sean Newhouse

Clayton Stassart: Lauren Moshi Land in Venice

Lauren Moshi Lands in Venice

In a capsule collection based on one of the most eclectic areas of Southern California, Lauren Moshi covers all aspects of the Venice Beach lifestyle through three very different designs. A hub for artists and epicenter of creativity, Venice Beach appeals to diverse personalities and is famous for its tradition of social change. It was in Venice that Jim Morrison founded the Doors, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting career began after becoming a regular bodybuilder at Venice's famous Gold's Gym ­ the "mecca of bodybuilding." Lauren Moshi channels all of this and more in her latest collection.

Clayton Stassart: Links up with Lauren Moshi FW 2011

Well looky here; our man Clay is back at it for another Lauren Moshi behind the scenes peek at whats hot..nice work can we come next time ?

Alex Ferrari: Comedy Central and team Fluffy = Standup Revolution Promos Season I !!

Do you know what rhymes with raunch ? ... you guessed it, and its not George Lopez. We had a great time riding with the real Paunch on this one...Thank you Fluffy we know you been on that that puffy...Looking forward to season two !!

Team Fluffy, Comedy Central messed up and gave me my own show! ;P Be sure to tune in on October 6th at 10pm for the series premiere!



Again, tune in on Oct 6th at 10pm then hit me up on my social sites to let me know what you think of the show!


video directed by: Alex Ferrari

Robert deVico and Newhouse Pictures team up with the Mega Mace for some set design and build

What can I say about this. Yesterday we were on the couch sipping barley pop and thinking about getting in shape; and here we are watching it happen. thank you for the Mega inspiration.

Calgon take me away ...

Clayton Stassart: Back for Moshi

Claydog doing his thing getting down and dirty with this little piece...I don’t know about you, but I’ma go out and get some.

Perez Hilton: EXCLUSIVE!! Macy Gray Covers Sublime's Two Joints

EXCLUSIVE! Check out this cover (above) from Macy Gray of Sublime'sTwo Joints!

This is the first video released from her covers album, Covered, which will hit stores on March 27, 2012!

What do U think?? Does she do Sublime justice???

Label: 429 Records

Video Commissioner: Sheila Volpe

Artist: Macy Gray

Song: "Smoke Two Joints"

Company: Newhouse Pictures

Director: Robert deVico

The Boom Box

Posted Mar 13th 2012 12:15PM by Kenneth Partridge

When the stoner-approved ska-punk group Sublime cut their 1992 version of 'Smoke Two Joints,' previously a 1983 cult favorite by the Toyes, they added in sampled dialogue from the 1970 film 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.' On her brand new version,Macy Gray sings the movie lines, which tell of a scandalous young woman "living in a room with three individuals" who "habitually smoke marijuana cigarettes."

The song comes from Gray's forthcoming covers album, appropriately titled 'Covered,' and The BoomBox is proud to premiere the accompanying visuals. The video builds its story from the 'Valley of the Dolls' snippet, as Gray and her bud-loving roommates have no money and must throw a "rent party" to avoid eviction.

They proceed to do just that, grooving away to Gray's bumpin' reggae track. The singer's notoriously hoarse vocals are perfect for a song about smoking, and she even sings in the line, "Smoke cigarettes 'til the day she died" -- yet another sample Sublime added to the Toyes' original.

The crazy thing is, we were shooting this video when we first hear of Whitney’s passing. We will always love you Whitney !!!

Artist Direct: Macy Gray to Release "Covered" on March 26 = More Static

The lovely, husky-voiced Macy Gray, newly signed with 429 Records, will drop the buzzed about Covered on March 26. It's a collection of all new recordings of handpicked songs she's chosen to reinterpret in her own inimitable fashion. She's done a stellar job, really!

The record tackles material largely drawn from indie rock songs from the last decade — interpretations her fans will be familiar with as she's been performing them live over the years.

Alex Ferrari is back again with our peeps over at Comedy Central’s “Standup Revolution” for the Season 2 theme song music video. Written and performed by Ozomatli.

a big shout out to The Roxy and everyone who came out to show support...

Duneagi links up with our peeps over at Lauren Moshi, with behind the scenes look at the Holy Spirited look book for Fall 2012

Claydog and Duneagi take us behind the scenes making the video for Gabriel Iglesias’s Comedy Central “Standup Revolution” Season 2 music video. Written and performed by Ozomatli.

It’s been an amazing year hanging out with Gabriel and friends. Check out The Austin Show with Ian Bagg another fun little project with the Fluffy / Joey Smacks and the Arsonhouse family...